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Hello World - Baby Wearn is here =D

Look what we made!! With the imminent arrival of our first born we just thought having people donate to guess when he would arrive would be nice, and a fun way to raise a little bit of money for an excellent cause, Birmingham's Children's Hospital. (Guess were made via Just giving page)

And the winner is: Dannielle (of Uber Angel Cupcakes) - who gets a cake by me for a change, and a copy of Pistol Pete Wearn's new EP - which is out in Jan

We raised an impressive £65, way above our target of £50 - and I've been informed that Wesleyan Assurance will match it as BCH is their charity of the year =D

Thank you to everyone who donated / guessed, and all of the hundreds of well wishes and congratulations sent our way, here's to an excellent Christmas and a very exciting 2015!!


2014 Christmas Decorations

Yeah for Christmas! Every year we add more souvenirs and decorations, I love the stories and memories that come with unpacking them ever year. New inclusions this year include gold T-Rex Skeleton from the Field museum shop in Chicago O'Hare Airport - the product of a 4 hour wait in Terminal 5.

Day 1 of Maternity Leave = Baking

So my maternity leave starts properly today - and I'm not really good at not having things to do (or waiting for that matter - I've already likened it to waiting for an Amazon parcel)

Anyway, December is a lovely time to have so extra time off if you enjoy baking, which I do, so that's good.

Today's plan is very Nigella-centric - Easy Chocolate Fruit Cake from Christmas and coffee themed Cupcakes from Domestic Goddess for Pete's work as a thank you for all of the shift's they've swapped so Pete can make scans etc over the last few months.

I've also got a veggie shepherds pie planned for dinner - but that has more to do with using up vegetables and have balanced diets in the time of work Christmas dinners...

How to Cook Fried Shrimp in 3 Seconds

Original Video here (In Japanese)