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Global Games Jam roundup - 2:50am 31st January

This sums up a lot of it:

- We've 7 games in play and 2 of them have a playable build
- Our Mascot (Rodney) may or may not have been challenged by a mascot in Las Vegas
Orignally posted on my Uni Blog...

If it has - this is our response

If it hasn't, we apologise. [Also - the Asda SmartPrice Webcam - best £6 spent ever]

- We've hit an all time high /low [it depends on how you look at it] with the playlist - sunk to the depths of 80's power ballads and High School Musical

- We've consumed even more Pizza from Dominos, not to mention 20 odd packs of crisps, piles of doughnuts, muffins, iced buns, sausage rolls and a lot of coke / relentless / moster / blue charge

Check out the mid afternoon update videos from the teams Updates Videos - it seems a bit mean to do one now as people are really nose to the grindstone. Now I just have to find somewhere to go to sleep that will mean I don't get drawn on...

Games need to be uploaded by 3pm, Presentations will be at 3:30pm in F14.…

Global Games Jam 3am update...

Orignally posted on my Uni Blog...

.... People are starting to drift off a little now to catch some proper sleep. We've had a super productive 9 hours already In numbers so far...45 students are taking part, we've got 6 teams, We've got through 17 large pizzas and we've filled 2 bins full of empty energy drinks.

There's evidence of all of this up on the Facebook Photo Album .

Everyone's made a start already - and there's some very interesting Games in the offing - each sticking around the theme of Deception and Featuring one of our key words for our Time Zone:- A Wink, A Rink or a Sink.

We've also got a spotify playlist on the go to keep us going - it;s in a melow groove at the moment but you can add to it here.

Oh and you can keep an eye on since we're streaming everything live:

Bring on the next 36 hrs....

Santes Dwynwen

These are the very lovely flowers Pete had delivered to work for Santes Dwynwen - just on the table you can see the very lovely collected work of Sherlock Holmes I got for him

We're off out to dinner later =)

Sarcasm Punctuation mark

How do you go about getting a new punctuation mark off the ground My inner-typography nerd's interest is piqued - I also saw many pretty '&' and '@' on some blog posts the other day, must be a sign....