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Showing posts from April, 2007
Modifications to Cardiff, that used to be a shopping centre will now be a new ... umm .. shopping centre
Neat little thing, from, well, Neatorama. The conference was excellent and I'm still sorting through everything, especially my 50 odd pages of notes.

On wedding stuff - being 5 weeks from today and all, anyone left without a hotel e-mail me. Your best bet at the moment is the Premier Travel Inn at Roby or the Holiday Inn Express at the Albert Dock for the "budget" ones or check Trip Advisor for less budget ones.
If I'm not my usual obsessively on-line self for the next week it's because I'm off down to Newport on Wednesday and I'll be there till Saturday.

For anyone I'm hopefully meeting up on Wednesday I'll facebook / text you to sort exact details out.

Wedding stuff is coming along nicely, few last things to sort out and then job's a good un! It's looking like Liverpool *might* make it it the final, but that's the weekend before so it shouldn't be an issue.

Take care xx
Happy Easter !!!!