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Vintage NomBook - The Impoverished Student's Book of Cookery, Drinkery & Housekeepery

Author: Jay F. Rosenburg (with this note - translated from the original American and with additional material by Peter L. Cave) Date: 1965, 1968
Published: Wolfe Publishing Ltd
One of the books my mother has sent from Barcelona, I'm guessing my Dad's at some point. It's a very odd mix of things, but i do love that note of it being translated from the 'original American'

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Oldest Pubs in the UK

We spent the weekend in St Albans celebrating the engagement of some friends, and one of the things on our to do list was a pint in Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, an amusingly titled pub, that's a contender for the title of the Oldest pub / inn in Britain (technically it's the one in the Guinness Book for records) - Now, previously on a trip to Nottingham we'd visited Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, which also claims the same title...

So, the easiest way to make sure we have defiantly gone to the very oldest pub in Britain is to visit them all right.. View Oldest Pubs in the UK in a larger map
This may be our summer holiday....

(my other suggestion would be to visit every pub with the words 'Ye Olde' in the title, but that would be messy I suspect...)