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It's been a busy week! I'm getting used to Stafford, we've only done enrolments in the last week, the real teaching starts on Monday. I'm very excited and incredibly happy. - Thanks everyone for all the good wishes.

I still don't have a desk or a computer but these things are in the process of being sorted out - I'm promised as much.

Not much else really - it's odd to have weekends off and slightly sad I've no one to play with! The boilers doing strange things and the shower's a death trap so I do at least have things that are needing my attention. The plumber should be around later to sort out the former of the rpoblems and hopefully Castle Estates are in the process of sorting out the latter - they didn't sound overly concerned though - more midly irratated I'd informed them of this on a Friday afternoon. It's not like I went into their offices a couple of months ago with pictures of the dripping shower and said I'd like to have it i…
I had a phone call from Bobbie at Staffs yesterday ...

... Did I still need a job ... Did I want the joy I very nearly almost got ... Could I start next week?

So, I'm a lecturer at my old uni on the computer games technology degrees.

I don't have to move, I know the people, the place, It's exactly what I want to do!!!

I'm ecstatically happy.

I start a week Monday!!!