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Spring Makeover

Having decided recently I wear jeans too much - and I was further inspired by Helen from Answer Me This! - who it transpires never wears jeans, I've decided to explore more in the way of pretty dresses, and some slightly more grown up, girly outfits.
It helps that a year of Zumba and now Boxercise and a lot of walking means I've dropped a dress size!
So, since it was payday, and new seasons fashions are in I skipped around town to much dismay (even TKMaxx let me down) - before heading into and picking up the 3 pretty wrap dresses I spotted when I popped in the other day - one from Hobbs, another from Whistles and a slightly more party type dress from Guess. They all work nicely with the little ankle boots I picked up in the New Look sale. I'm sure photos will appear at some point.
What I couldn't find this morning was a suitable coat so I've this one winging it's way from good ol' Fashion Union
It's the closest I've found…

Star Wars Ice Cube Trays

these are very 'cool'!
Via the ever awesome Topless Robot

Pop Culture Calaveras

Happy Valentine's Day

Hit the Link in the title to head to the SuperFriends Action Valentine Playbook
There's many more cool valentines here & here

Vintage NomBook - Kenwood

A few years ago my husband brought me a vintage Kenwood Chef for a birthday present, so I brought the Kenwood some presents to make it feel at home - a new cover and the original recipe & method book.
I love my Kenwood .. even if this does amuse me...

Vintage NomBook - Tuck in Chaps!

Author: Jane Pettigrew Date:  Published: 

This is pretty much one of my favourite books, the recipes are a little meat heavy for every day use, but I took it with my to uni where it got a lot of use.

Not on EYB - Murder on the Menu Vol 2

Recipes and Murder mystery - what's not to love...

Vintage NomBook - The Complete Book of Desserts

Another compilation of desserts...

Vintage NomBook - Hors D'Oeuvre & Cold Table

Author: William Heptinstall Date:  Published: 

This and I think #70 is part of some kind of cook book part work / book folio. Alas, we've not actually had chance to use it, maybe time to throw a cocktail party

Vintage NomBook - Biscuits Galore

Pete's gran gave me this one, it's fantastically full of biscuts and cookie recipes.

Our Cookbook Notepad

As you can see, this is a little battered and singed, but it's where we jot down recipes.

Tribalism at Afternoon Play

One of the games to come out of our site from the The Global Games Jam was a role playing card game. It seemed to go down well so I'm taking it to this month's Afternoon Play #4 event at The Urban Coffee Company in Brum tomorrow to play test.

The Cards are all hand drawn, and they look very pretty all printed out. I'm promised there an expansions already in the works..

Hex values for Crayola colors