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Amazing Rainbow Cake

Very cool Things I'd like to have

CAD - Starbucks mug design @ ©

(Yes, the duvet from Next comes in a Double and Glows in the Dark!!!!)
Ok some Updates.

This Blog Now Updates to Facebook (still no title) under Notes Section
It will also update Twitter via Twitter Feed.

Twitter will Update to my blog (box on the left) so that won't loop back to Twitter.


My Facebook Status and Twitter will both update each other (via Twitter Feed one way and the Twitter facebook App the Other Way) - and if this Blog updates Twitter

I can only update via my phone to either facebook or Twitter

So, the question is Will the Twitter / Facebook status Feedback loop create a Paradox that will destroy us all......
So, let me explain the connectivity I've got

Blog > Facebook (but always with no title)

Facebook / Mobile / Twitter> Twitter > Blog

It does seem I should be able to link these two up.

1) Have facebook updates feed into Twitter (a quick search on GetSatisfaction confirms I can't do this)

(Update - a combination of TwitterFeed and This Man has fixed that)

2) Have Blog posts turn up on Twitter - any ideas?

And finally, how do I post blogs with a title?.....
OOOh, I've not posted since Halloween....

I've been busy, but I'm twittering now

<--- Twitter Feed

So that should help a little. I hope. We're well, just busy. Check out the 44. pistol Myspace for up 'n' coming gigs. One this Saturday in Stafford, one next Friday in Brum.