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Not on EYB - Around Britain Dairy Cookbook

Author: Nick Rowe
Date: 2006
Published: Eaglemoss Publications
Amazon Link: Around Britain Dairy Cookbook

One of the 3 books I've won in the raffle, wonder if it's as comprehensive as #15

New office

Looks like I'll be back in tomorrow!

Vintage NomBook - Cooking with F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Author: Amy Lyles Wilson
Date: 1996
Published: Rutledge Hill
Amazon Link:

Meat Trifle anyone?

#4sqldn (Apps Round Up Part 1 - London)

Jess & Neil are in London, this wouldn't usually be worth noting, but I've set them a competition - but it's simple, whichever of them has the biggest gain in foursquare points by midnight on Friday gets a prize - I'm not asking them to go anywhere specific, or do anything, but they've accepted the challenge and I'm sure Pete ins't right in that I've created a monster.

One of the reasons I did this was we were in London at the end of June, not the first time we've done a quick jaunt to the capital for a break, but I decided to put my Android Smart Phone to good use.

Aside form Foursqure - which I already use, and love, and I've spoken at a few places about it (I'm fascinated about how it can make people change thier plans, or behaviours) and Chromarama which I'd already signed up for but I think I hit the wrong window to see my journeys - but go yellow team!) I thought I'd explore what else my smart phone could do.

I downloaded a…