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Merrrry Christmas

(The irony that I can connect to the net - but not send texts messages is not lost on me)
1) I love you all very much! everyone who gave us pressies has done us proud and Pete and I feel very, very loved by you all
2) My Husband is awesome - he's brought me a swanky video camera - so I can record the band and other important events

3) We're back from the pub, the table is being laid and I believe there's a box if cider in the garage...
NADOLIG LLAWEN!!!!!! -Nia / Hafs & Pete

Merry Christmas from Nia & Pete

Brought to you as ever by the fabulous someeecards

Hope everyone has a good one! Nia & Pete

Finally feeling festive...

I'm winding down from an awesome week / weekend. Office Christmas dinner on Wednesday (nom nom nom full of turkey) an ace week 12 and we hosted a fantastic christmas office party last night (there arn't photos, be glad of that fact - trust me) in aide of Sedgwick Training Limited - much fun and lots of Office Space references in the form of post it notes and some surprisingly impressive party food from Iceland. Better still the clan Rouxel popped up on their way to the lakes...

... now I'm sat, watching Blade Runner on the Iplayer (on the Wii no less) finishing off some HoneyDew beer, happy and full with cheese, ham and pineapple toasties - looking forward to Team Wearn probably coming 2nd in the Joxers pub quiz again later. All my Christmas shopping is done - in fact we've reached the point where there's more presents in the house for me and Pete then there are for other people (We've had some lovely presents already our friends are the best)- To top it all of…



I've just finished making a load of pretty brown paper and jam jar lanterns - now I feel bad!

The Lichtenstein Look

It reminds me of my Masters Dissertation piece

<>< - Fish Tales

Sad news yesterday - checked on the fish before going to bed and realised little Isambard was floating at the top of the tank, near the filter in a very dead way. He's now buried in the garden, near the grape vine and if in fact the first one we've lost since moving down here.
Since Isimbard and Vince still looked happy and healthy, well as happy as fish can, we decided to buy some more on the way home from lunch. Allow me to introduce ...
l-r:- Bertrand, Isambard, Nietzsche, Vince and Pushkin

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Google Wave and the passing of Geocities

The Google Wave fairy godmother dropped an invite to the new collaboration thingy the other day and I spent the weekend playing around with it. Joining in on some of lifehackers public waves makes much more sense of it but it's still just a nice toy until other people I know and work with are on it (and even then ins'[t it just another thing to check?).
Anyone on Google Wave feel free to Add me:- Wormella @ gmail . com

Anyway, spotted this on life hacker and i though it prescient

Also very sad at the closing down of geocities - my first ever website was on there, back when there we blocks and streets and themed neighborhoods. I sparked my interest in web design, which led me to study at Staffs in the first place and where everything snowballed into what I do now!

Happy Birthday Pete

#fb @44pistol Happy Birthday! .... I bet Eric Clapton plays in his home studio in his PJ's on his birthday too...

Celebrated Staff Success

Last night we had our Staff award Ceremony - while I knew I was up for one award (The Faculty customer service award) I hadn't really realised there was a university wide one I was in the running for...

... which I won!!! And it's made all the hard work of the last year worth it. I'm very proud and I have giant bits of glassware to bling the office up with now! A massive thanks to everyone who nominated me and supported the application!

D&D soda

I so want these! Also an apology for not updating this in probably ages but work and getting stuff ready for the new term has been all consuming!

My Online Persona

ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

Nom, Nom, Nom!!!

On the Good Ship Venus....

Back in the office

Some Birthday pics and gifts

Thank you to everyone! I had an absolutely lovely Birthday 2 parties down, 1 more to go!

Look who came to lunch!

The Rouxel Clan (l-r Mae, Doug, Evie, Charlotte & Harry) - They popped in on their way from Southend to Skye!

Ok, A New Diagram but no closer to the answer

Ok, it's a day later, we've had a lot of help with this and I feel an answer is very close to emerging. We've done away with the wireless aspect, incase it was this lovely big victorian house that was causing problems (it probably wasn't) but it's all ethernet cabled to the hilt.I've flushed the DNS. I have the IP Config file to hand if anyone wants it (if it helps). We can ping sites but we can't see them and I have learnt an awful lot about internetty stuff recently, I just wish it workd properly. As ever, any thoughts??

Wireless nightmare update

Ok thanks to Kane for the video, Dan for the tech support and Mo for pointing out we porbably had a wireless router / modem in the first place and now we have internet on both PC but it's treacle slow - which for the most part we're blamining on the solid Victorian brick construction of the house!

Unless the website is google related (like this, or the news, or gmail) then it's lightning quick!

I am not a Network Engineer! Help!!!!!

This is the current network set up, many fine brownie points to anyone who can tell me where I've gone wrong, what I need to fix it, where I've been an idiot and how I get internet to the PC downstairs!Left clicking the image should make it bigger!

Graduation 2009

A massive congratulations to all our graduates today. This is the first lot I've seen through from start to finish and I'm very proud of them all. It was a sunny for once and we had an awesome day at Trentham Gardens and massive slices of cake.

new glasses! (again)

Just brought new glasses (I shouldn't be allowed on the PC all night) but the ones I brought the other week / month are ok but the adjustments means the lenses are adept at falling out at the smallest knock.
That and they are pretty colours and I'm a bit fed up of thick plastic frames.
As ever photos up when they arrive - and if anyone else wants to suggest glasses from that you think might suit me drop me a tweet.

LBP T-shirt

In other T-shirt news my Little Big Planet t-shirt from the latest free t-shirt drive has turned up. It's huge so I doubt I'll be wearing to work any time soon (that and I know at least one ofmy students has one)
It's just nice to see a Marketing Plan in action - and working - although ti won't make me buy the game, I don't own a Ps3 and any new toys are very, very, very low down on the list of things we need.
I did however buy a pair of proper straighteners - so now I'm like a real girl and stuff (and not a pretend one)
I'm out of the office for the next few weeks so I'm going to spend the next few days catching up with people, and the house work and maybe we'll get away for a week, if we can decided where and when, and if the weather holds.

I Want One

I'm going to be a good girl and wait till Payday!

Gardening Update

Well, the sun has been shining, and it's been stupidly hot for the past few days so the garden is looking a little bit parched and a lot of things have panicked and started flowering (the sage and rocket mainly).
I also think we possibly have a bumblebee nest in the compost heap but apart from a few unlucky ones that venture too near the spiders den behind the curtain in the shed it's nice to see the garden attracting wildlife. The soft fruits section (i.e. my section with the strawberries, cranberries and either redcurrents or white currents I can't remember) Is all doing very well and we should have a bumper crop this year.
Best of all I'm on holiday next week!!

Gosh the Internet can be quick sometimes

Literally seconds after complaining that were pants on Twitter the posties arrives with my glasses. The prescription is fine but they are a little bit bigger then I was expecting : Considering how rubbish at communication they've been I'm not sure I can go through the hassle of sending them back - and I'm pretty sure I can get them adjusted a little so they don't slip off but I'm not sure I'd go shopping online for specs again.

200th post

And for a little bit of excitement, and the 200th post I've changed the template. I'll change it to something far more exciting when i work out how to get some of the pretty Blogskins or Pyzam ones to work without deleting widgets - but I have to go make dinner now (cream cheese and tomato tarts, with wet garlic and seasonal veg)

Final Test post of the evening

the last test of the evening before I leave this stupid PC in peace. For a brief second there I didn't actually exist on the internet - scary thought. Anyway copied everything over to another blogger blog in shiny new formats, and then deleted the old one, re-wrote the html frames page and now normal service has been resumed.I'll be doubley happy if this updates twitter too.


Ok, For some reason (and I have no doubt it's my own fault) reverting back to the classic view has overwritten my IFrames / index layout - which is a pain.

So I tried moving to wordpress, where it appears I already have an account (this happened to me with stumbleupon the other week) - but I can't import all my posts to there because it I have this blog in the classic view - a delightful catch 22.

I'm going to persevere with this one, switching it to a shiny new version on blogger.
Had to switch back to the classic template - so it works but it isn't as pretty. Maybe time to sort out a new blog system (or relearn HTML)


Blogger tells me this should look like one thing (with the cornify button on it) - and it tells me thats it's saved and that's what's there on the previews - but it isn't there.

I'm confused, and this is as much a test post is it is an actual shout out for help.

A minor rant on the hunt for new glasses

My current glasses are very much on the way out - oh and I'm sick of black frames - I've had these for current FCUK for over 2 years, they were cool and funky at the time but now everyone has them - and square, angular ones seem to be the all the range - curse of the early adopter I suppose.Anyway, had an eye test, good news, my poor eyes are only a little bit worse then usual - so consistantly staring at my screen editing boxes on an excel spreadsheet haven't damaged them as much as I'd feared.Anyway, I'm not impressed with what I've seen on the high street, and they are so, very, very expensive - but I've too strong a perscription for most online glasses suppliers (although Direct Specs would let me buy them from a shop, but not online??). Apart from ExclusiveEyes - Not sure why they'll make me glasses and other people won't but I'm giving them a try and these sexy things should be on they're way to me:
Oh, for under £20, which is £100 chea…

Everyone should have a boyscout trained husband

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!

Impressive stuff from Spreadshirt

I ordered this last week - we're playing around with Merchandising the courseAnyway - it turned up today, a milion times better then I was expecting (and it fits)
It has backprint too!!! - I'm a very happy bunny. Now I hope my other experiment works just as well...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

His and Hers

His and Hers Starbucks MugsWhat more could a couple want??

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus (Belated)

Can you spot me?? Thanks Bran!!

Dydd Saint Folant Hapus

Not much else to say - Gig tonight at Joxers (Blues for the Broken Hearted) - I have cookies to make before then. Validation rehersal for Games Audio Design is on Monday - which means not wearing a T-shirt that says 'Video Games Made Me Do It' or has Snoopy Characters on it since Grown Up People ™ will be there.Tomorrow Pete and I have days off the coincide so I suspect it will be Lego Batman and The last few episodes of Season One of Chuck - bliss!!

It's only a bit of snow

Uni is closed, no idea if we're open tomorrow =(

Amazing Rainbow Cake

Very cool Things I'd like to have

CAD - Starbucks mug design @ ©

(Yes, the duvet from Next comes in a Double and Glows in the Dark!!!!)
Ok some Updates.

This Blog Now Updates to Facebook (still no title) under Notes Section
It will also update Twitter via Twitter Feed.

Twitter will Update to my blog (box on the left) so that won't loop back to Twitter.


My Facebook Status and Twitter will both update each other (via Twitter Feed one way and the Twitter facebook App the Other Way) - and if this Blog updates Twitter

I can only update via my phone to either facebook or Twitter

So, the question is Will the Twitter / Facebook status Feedback loop create a Paradox that will destroy us all......
So, let me explain the connectivity I've got

Blog > Facebook (but always with no title)

Facebook / Mobile / Twitter> Twitter > Blog

It does seem I should be able to link these two up.

1) Have facebook updates feed into Twitter (a quick search on GetSatisfaction confirms I can't do this)

(Update - a combination of TwitterFeed and This Man has fixed that)

2) Have Blog posts turn up on Twitter - any ideas?

And finally, how do I post blogs with a title?.....
OOOh, I've not posted since Halloween....

I've been busy, but I'm twittering now

<--- Twitter Feed

So that should help a little. I hope. We're well, just busy. Check out the 44. pistol Myspace for up 'n' coming gigs. One this Saturday in Stafford, one next Friday in Brum.