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Not really a surprise. Read Freakanomics and check the chapter on naming children. There's a list somewhere on the 10 blackest names for girls in Californiaq, and in, amongst the myriad of spellings of Jasmine Nia's there at #6.

Party went well last night, drank too much and now paying pennace for it by having to type fiddely numbers into a giant spread sheet and apply some formuals to it (and you all thought my job was just fun, fun, fun!!)


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Still got it

It's nice to know I still have the ability to build a website, from scratch, on notepad in my lunch break. I'm rejigging my online presence a bit so I've decided to build my own boiler plate over at - and then I can feel less guilty about not updating this (since what I am good at is Twitter & IG)

I'd also forgotten how much fun coding something from scratch is - my summer plan is to try my hand at Twine game creation so it was nice to ease myself back into coding with a tiny project.