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Scotland and Smartphones

Following on from my PC going kabloo-y I decided to upgrade the mobile aspects of my life. I've been on the same BT Genie contract since I was 18, which was ok, but stopped me playing with a lot of the shiny, mobile-y, telephony stuff that's out there. So, after a bit of research (and I admit being jealous of Pete's new blackberry and being a bit seduced by Sherlock's mobile phone use) I bit the bullet, phoned O2 and now I'm the proud owner of a very shiny Samsung Galaxy S It's a very lovely phone and all it's fancy bells and whistles are going to be put to the test as Stu and I head up to Edinburgh for the Skillset Conference on 'excellence in games education' - the fact there's a massive arts festival happening made booking hotels a pain but Stu came out tops with Halls in Queen Margret University, very close to town.

It should be an excellent conference, with the added excitement of the first time I've ever gone that far north (Ironically Pete and I had spoken about visiting Edinburgh for years but I've always states it was too far North, funny the things work throws in your way).

Right, have to go sort out some clothes and shiny tech to entertain ourselves on the train. I'll be back on Sunday but checking e-mail / tweeting / fbooking as usual I suspect.

PS I'll be very happy if I can eat at least one of these:

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